A Solution For Every Market

A Solution For Every Market

How many calls have you fielded over the last two weeks with clients whose anxiety levels are increasing? Whether you think the market will go up, down or remain on the path of volatility, we have a solution.

For Your Bullish Clients:

We offer index annuities linked to the S&P500 with participation rates as high as 94%, allowing them to capture most of the upside with no risk should the equities markets continue to see increases.

For Your Bearish Clients:

New strategies such as inverse point to points will actually credit clients up to 9% should the market drop over the course of a year. In addition, indexes that are non-correlated to the market such as Gold are available with caps as high as 7.5%

For Your Clients Expecting Continued Volatility:

Dynamic Indexes made popular with hedge funds and variable annuities are now available on the index annuity platform. These indexes utilize a fixed position and an equities position that is reallocated depending on what volatility looks like. As volatility goes up, positions are reallocated to the fixed positions and vice versa. In addition, many of these strategies have no cap allowing for higher upside potential.

Contact your Annuity Sales Rep today to discuss the options available to put your clients’ minds at ease, and help protect their hard earned nest eggs.