3.15% For 5 Years Ends Today!

3.15% For 5 Years Ends Today!

Fidelity and Guarantee has boasted the top 5 year fixed rate in the industry for the past few months, at 3.15%.  The previous deadline to get applications submitted – has been extended until today, March 24th until 8pm EST.

This gives us one more week to market the product before the rate decreases, and to get online applications submitted.  Below is a reminder on things to keep in mind on this contract and process:


  1. $20,000 minimum deposit
  2. 2.25% commission for most ages
  3. Electronic submission only, no paper apps

Contact your Annuity Specialist to be provided with an agent code for Fidelity and Guarantee – to get access to the online portal and to receive a tutorial on how to take an app online.  Do not miss this opportunity to close out Q1 with an influx of business and revenue.  We are here to help!