Underwriting That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Underwriting That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

One of our A rated carriers is up for the challenge of underwriting your heart disease cases with an aggressive stance.

Here’s a case study: Male, age 68, Non-Smoker / Seeking $3 million of permanent plan coverage

  • Two vessel cardiac disease (90% blockage of one coronary artery and 80% blockage of another)
  • Double bypass surgery was performed 3.5 years ago
  • Build on the exam was normal at 5’10”, 195 lbs.
  • Blood pressure was normal on the exam at 125/80 and the lipid profile had a favorable cholesterol of 220 and cholesterol/HDL ratio of 4.0
  • Client recently had a negative stress test performed by his cardiologist
The advantage: Our carrier was able to review four underwriting manuals to choose the best offer for this client.

The outcome:  Standard!

It’s a heartfelt win-win for the broker and the client. Contact the Life Underwriting Team to discuss your next cardiac case!