Two Annuity Promos To Jumpstart Your Business

Two Annuity Promos To Jumpstart Your Business

With the S&P 500 dipping by more than 9% since the start of 2016, we are seeing many clients look to reposition their safe money assets into annuities with guarantees.  Some insurance companies recognize the opportunity to grab up assets, turning to promotions to capture that business with higher rates and bonuses.  But hurry, they are available for a limited time. Below are two specials you do not want to miss out on:

Fixed Annuity Promotion:

5 year guarantee at 3%, liquid thereafter – this could be a great way to target CD clients.  Comparing rate for rate, the best CD according to is at 2.25%. Have you looked to see what the higher rate and tax deferral can do for your clients over the next 5 years with annuities?  Assuming a $100,000 non-qualified deposit and 35% tax bracket, the CD gets us to $107,529.54 after year 5 while the annuity grows to $115,927.41, beating the CD handily.

Index Annuity Promotion:

One of the top selling products of 2015 has just gotten better. With the product already having a dynamic index, no cap, inflation protected income and backing by an A+ carrier, the increase in bonus to 22% has created a lot of attention.  Whether you want to jumpstart retirement with an immediate credit, or show clients how they can hedge that 9% loss so far this year, this is definitely a contract that your clients will thank you for offering.

With over 35 carriers, we are dedicated to partnering more closely with advisors than ever before.  Contact us today for details on these great promotions, and to discuss how we can take the next steps to help grow your practice in 2016.